Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jaffna Valigamam 1000 Plus Disabled Children's Sports Meet Sponsored by GOCF

It was a an event that I could never forget. A sports meet for kids who have autism, who are mentally ill, who are blind, deaf and dumb. Does this even exist in Singapore? I don't know but still I thought it was amazing to have such an event with these children. How many chances would they get to do this? it not only shows that we care for them , but it also shows that they have a talent that they should work on. They shouldn't give up any hope. That they should live their dream.

I saw blind kids, running in a race with sticks to pave their way. I saw kids who couldn't hear play loops and mini golf. I saw kids who are mentally affected dancing around forming perfect harmony with the audience. It was an experience like no other. There were many people that I got a chance to talk to, to get to know more about the schools. There were 4 schools, Navil,(school for the dumb) Ark, Sivaboomi,(schools for mentally-affected people) and finally Valvagam (school for people who had lost their eyesight...all totaling up to 1032 participants.

Many students were affected by the war, through various means getting hurt from bomb blasts, or disease outbreaks or post-shock from the attacks. Some others were born this way due to complications in the pregnancies as there was a huge lack of medical services and treatments to ensure the safety of the child and the mother.

If you see the track, you will only see sand lumes at regular distances forming the shape of the track path. If you see their feet, it is either bare or with socks on only.If you see what they wear,you will see them wearing their clean white uniforms. If you see where they get water from, it will be from a tap just near the classrooms.

They have no red tracks with nice white lines. They don't have clean new socks and sports shoes or spikes.And they certainly don't have a P.E attire or a cool jersey. They have sand and green fields. They had their feet. They have one piece of clothing for school. Just think about what you have...what about a proper water cooler, even then some people complain that the water is not chilled! That's the difference. That is the difference that is created in you when you see for yourself. You will appreciate every single things even the cheap slipper you wear. I can't walk around without slipper here. It is painful to walk as I am not used to it. These kids, run on grounds with stones, pebbles and thorns. They still won't complain.

There was a boy I went up to. He just finished his race and he was all happy and stuff. I said congratulations and asked about where was he from and all. Then I asked what happened? How did you get hurt? He stopped talking. He didn't want to give me any eye contact even. He didn't want to say what happened at all.I left him alone. I was sad that I made him upset and stuff. I was upset by his silence. If he had said something I think it wouldn't have affected me so much also. His face was slightly disfigured caused by probably fire or by bomb blasts.

Anyways, apart from that it was really enthusiastic although I kept tearing upon seeing how much these kids have gone though. In one way or another, all these 1000 kids have nowhere proper to call home. They all have been the due effects of the war, well they still are from the looks of it. There was on particular event put in place just for one boy to participate in, to motivate him, the teacher ran beside him holding his hand. That is the dedication that the people here give to their children. They do it whole-heartedly. They do it because they genuinely care for these kids. I felt so happy and thrilled that these kids were under good care. I felt happy that these kids do have a place to call "home" and do have people for family.

I was really blessed for an amazing experience. Although they invited me as the guest-of-honor, I was happily taking pictures and getting to talk to people.I think I definitely had a lot more fun than those who were sitting at VIP seats. LOL.
This event was entirely funded by God's Own Children Foundation.I was kid of their representative. I was really proud to introduce myself as a volunteer is GOC.You will know the joy, when you become one.

I really hope more people come forward to help such kids. Organize such fun events for them. Spend time playing with them . Have fun talking to them. Because, the joy you get from doing this, makes you go on every single day. I am dead tired and am falling asleep. But I still have a lot of work to do. I am stressed out that there is a lot of work to be done. But I am not complaining one bit. Because this is for the kids. This is for me to tell you how things are here. This is for you to help them in any ways you want.


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